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Our mission

Association des accidentés cérébro-vasculaires et traumatisés crâniens
de l’Estrie is a community organization created in 1984 to gather together
individuals who have survived a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) -stroke-
or brain trauma, and their family.

Our Objectives


To gather together
and support individuals

with a CVA or brain trauma
and their family.


To provide a dynamic
environment that allows
for sharing and
mutual support.


To promote and defend
their interests
and rights.



ACTE represents a link in a continuum
of services in traumatology. In order to
offer the most possible adequate care,
a network of services has been developed
for individuals who have survived brain trauma.

The network begins at the CHUS (Centre Hospitalier
Universitaire de Sherbrooke) where acute treatment
is admininstered. Once ready to pursue
rehabilitation, the CHUS makes a referral to the
CRE (Centre de Réadaptation Estrie). When
rehabilitation is terminated, the CRE informs
the individual about the services offered by the ACTE.

Although this same continuum of services is not
available to individuals having had a CVA, the existing
partnership between these three organizations
(CHUS, CRE, ACTE), facilitates the referral of these
individuals to the ACTE.

Partnerships are therefore of vital importance for our
association. Also highly valued is the consistently high
quality of services we offer. We recognize the
importance of being continually on the lookout for
the development of new and innovative projects.